Innovesi builds Smart Water grids with IoT – updating water management to the 21st Century. Enable monitoring and control of all assets in water networks in real-time via #1 water utilities solution platform in the world.


An astonishing 45 million m3 of drinking water is lost in the world’s water systems every day, which could serve 200 million people.
The cost to utilities is 12 Billion euros per year, but the cost to human lives is priceless.
Billions are lost, because of outdated monitoring systems, lack of knowledge of water grid status, and broken processes.
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Innovesi hardware and software together make the most advanced Smart Water utilities platform in the world.
Our proprietary hardware connects any device or asset, regardless of manufacturer, to a GIS and map-based interface.
Where all assets in the grid can be managed in real-time on any preferred device from anywhere.
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Innovesi water grid monitoring and control platform is easy to deploy, scalable from small to large water utilities environments, and delivers a very fast ROI.
Automated tools show which assets may be in trouble and why and predict what will happen in the future. This improves service levels, financial forecasting, and reduces critical failures and servicing costs.
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  • December 21, 2017 Holiday Greetings
  • March 7, 2016 Reaaliaikainen Vedenlaadun Seuranta Vesilaitoksen Jakeluverkossa: White Paper
    Real-Time Water Quality Detection In Water Utility´s Distribution Network: White Paper (in Finnish)   White_paper_water_quality_suomeksi
  • August 14, 2015 Terrorist attack against water utility – just matter of time?
    Regional water scarcity, poor water quality and worn out/outdated water distribution pipelines do not form the only hazards to water utilities/agencies throughout the world. Obsolete and inadequate water management equipment and lack of real-time water quality monitoring leave room for accidental water contamination – or deliberate one. 9/11 attacks like devastation in water management seems to ...
  • June 18, 2015 Midsummer greetings!
    Finland has some 180.000 lakes of which large number are drinkable as such. We have unique Smart water know-how and innovations too for water utilities to help them in countries suffering from water scarcity, water network monitoring issues and quality problems. Modern Smart Water technology allow us to launch the ultimate real-time toolkit for global ...
  • June 2, 2015 Water utility – would you like to know in real-time when water in distribution network is turning hazardous to health?
    Solution Innovesi has developed Smart Water Quality solution which detects and indicates automatically microscopic water-borne particles and microbes in water distribution network. This patented solution controls 24/7 the water grid and alerts automatically when unwanted bacteria or similar organisms are detected. Water grid can consist of several integrated detection points depending on the size and ...