The Innovesi story starts in 2010, from an informal meeting and discussion between Jukka Salminen and a senior water management professional in Finland. The water management professional revealed two main universal problems in the water utilities sector he saw daily and for which there were no real solutions. Firstly, water utilities companies don’t have a good understanding of what is going on in their grid and often don’t even know where pipes are located. Secondly, smaller water utilities companies can’t afford expensive monitoring systems (SCADA).

The solution the professional envisioned, was an affordable map-based system that would provide utilities all the necessary background information and functionality, and preferably the system should be provided or rented as a service.

Innovesi Smart Solutions was launched in early 2014, because the concept is now ready to be developed into a huge global success story.


The Innovesi team consists of multi-talented and seasoned professionals, who have known each other for several years and who are hungry to succeed. Our background is in IT service and software development, cleantech and wireless technology. We have expertise and knowledge of the challenges water utilities companies of all sizes face today and will face in the future.


We cooperate with leading experts, water technology companies, research institutes and organizations globally.