Innovesi delivers superior advantages to improve operational efficiency

innovesi chain

Avoid manufacturer Lock-in

Innovesi Universal Interface Connector UIC lets utilities companies connect, monitor and operate any device regardless of the manufacturer. Acquire the best devices for your needs and manage them via the Innovesi platform. The acquisition of manufacturers’ expensive and outdated SCADA systems is unnecessary – Innovesi provides better tools and saves your organization money.

21st Century tools

Innovesi is more than a 21st Century SCADA. We deliver comprehensive modules that:
– Track device maintenance drawings, history and logs
– Grid drawings and plans
– Automate reporting, analysis and forecasting
– Identification of weak points and prediction of failures
– Disaster and crisis plans
– A complete real-time view of the entire water grid and its status in GIS and map


SCADA systems from pump and other devices are expensive, clumsy, outdated and often insecure. The Innovesi monitoring and control platform is encrypted end-to-end. Every Universal Interface Connector and the entire data-handling, transmitting and display process is encrypted according to the strictest security guidelines.

SaaS & ROI

Innovesi platform is a Solution as a Service, which means that there are no expensive system or software acquisitions. Return on investment is incredibly fast, because of the immediate benefits and the low acquisition and implementation expenses.

Scalable and flexible

Whether your utilities organization is small or large, Innovesi scales with you. Start small, monitor a few devices and assets and scale from there. Innovesi model is also modular, which means that any tools or features can be added as they are needed.