Innovesi assets monitoring

Innovesi makes any device or asset in any system monitorable and controllable

An end-to-end industrial IoT (Internet of Things) solution to connect any pump, valve or electrical device regardless of the manufacturer into one platform.

Many functions, superior advantages

Monitor and prevent breakages and leakages with connected pressure and flow sensors. Automated water quality monitoring gives utilities real-time data of pathogens (bacteria and viruses) and other water impurities in the water grid.


It is time to digitize water management

Any asset, any manufacturer

All devices and assets that need to be monitored or controlled are connected to Innovesi proprietary Universal Interface Connectors – UICs. These transmit encrypted information to the utility company database or more conveniently to the Innovesi Cloud, from where customers can access the visual information platform from any device and from anywhere.
Monitor and control in real-time all assets in the grid visually on a map in a GIS environment.