Terrorist attack against water utility – just matter of time?


Regional water scarcity, poor water quality and worn out/outdated water distribution pipelines do not form the only hazards to water utilities/agencies throughout the world.

Obsolete and inadequate water management equipment and lack of real-time water quality monitoring leave room for accidental water contamination – or deliberate one. 9/11 attacks like devastation in water management seems to be inevitable and just matter of time to take place from this perspective. What would happen if vicious ISIS (ISOL) terrorists or other hotheaded extremists choose to contaminate deliberately our drinking water in some major city instead of blasting suicide bombs in distant war zone market places? Even the plain thought make goose bumbs to most of us. Water utilities are just not prepared at all for this kind of security threats like they should be – nor for cyber security attacks for that matter. They have even now great difficulties taking care of their main task to maintain operational stability in their aging infrastructure and secure safe water quality.

Every millisecond counts for our safety

Technology and methodology allow today monitor things in real-time – even the tiniest incidents/anomalies which can not been seen with naked eye. Yet, water utilities do not want to adopt these Smart Water technologies for some reason. They still mostly stumble with methods and tools back from 1980’ies and keep their fingers crossed. Poor results are seen daily anywhere in form of huge lost water rates, constant water quality issues and continuous interruptions in water distribution. This goes for any country in developed countries as well in emerging markets. Let´s hope that global water sector and governmental authorities will act faster than these wrong doers. Who wouldn´t sleep tighter knowing that your own city´s water agency monitors in real-time all that happens in their water grid – and could respond (or even prevent them) within split seconds to any (malicious) act what so ever. One wonders if it is after all a question of understanding today´s gigantic technology leap and its endless opportunities rather than being just incompetent and reluctant to accept the fact that the world has changed more just in 5 years than in past five decades before that in water utility industry. This is why modern Smart Water solutions and security applications are needed more than ever. Safe good quality water for its customers is the most important issue in water utilities worldwide. It´s time to address this matter before something irreversible happens, don´t you think. Better safe than sorry.