Water utilities management in real-time

Growing water utilities challenges are too much for old technologies

It is a fact that the majority of water utilities organizations are old fashioned and managed inefficiently. This is why water utilities organizations have a staggeringly high amount of Non-Revenue Water and water-loss. In addition, these organizations have major difficulties allocating refurbishment funds to the right places, water grid monitoring and maintenance continues to be reactive and inefficient, and there are major problems with water safety and security.

Innovesi’s cutting-edge Smart Water technology provides real-time maintenance data and solves the main problems the industry is facing today and will face tomorrow.

Automatic pipe leakage detection

Leakages in pipes can be caught and located accurately almost in real-time as they happen. The VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland has developed new solutions where pressure and flow sensor technologies are utilized to detect and pinpoint these leakages fast. This monitoring solution can be integrated into the Innovesi Smart Water platform in those water grids or parts of grids, where advanced Smart Water Metering meters, which measure water pressure, are used. The solution helps save water, reduce Non-Revenue Water and to create a reliable database about the health of the entire water grid.

Automatic real-time water quality measurement in pipes

Water quality can be measured and monitored using automatic detection technology to detect e.g. bacteria, viruses and other impurities that are detrimental to public health and safety. By placing automatic water quality monitors in strategic locations in water grids that monitor flowing water in pipes, the quality of drinking water can be ensured at all times. When integrated into the Innovesi Smart Water platform, the measured data can be stored, managed and forwarded to e.g. maintenance personnel, water authorities or even directly to consumers. The solution significantly increases the safety of water usage, efficiently preventing the birth and spreading of epidemics.

One platform – personalized tools according to needs

The persons looking for leakages need different tool-sets than a plumber or a water utilities director. However, all can and should use and be connected to a single platform for seamless sharing of information and coordination to ensure an uninterrupted water supply and service. The Innovesi Smart Water platform delivers in addition to shared tool-sets (Monitoring+Control, Data Management, Reporting and Analysis/Forecasting), the possibility to e.g. personalize mobile User Interfaces according to users responsibilities, roles, tasks, etc. Using any device according to users’ needs over secure and wireless communications, ensures that the right information is safely with the users everywhere and at all times.

One platform for new or old water grids

Modern Smart Water technologies will clearly replace current systems in water utilities. The reasons are obvious; old-fashioned task-specific technology hasn’t been able to keep up with growing demands and escalating problems water utilities organizations are facing. New water grids will no longer be built as previously; by buying multiple different technology systems and trying to integrate them together, only to end-up with something that doesn’t work well as a whole. The Innovesi Smart Water platform encompasses all the tools needed in modern water utilities; Geographical Information System (GIS), asset and network monitoring and management, servicing and maintenance data and tools, and management reporting systems all in a seamlessly-working solution. The Innovesi Smart Water platform is ideal as a first utilities system for new water utilities organizations or as a modernization upgrade for existing ones. The platform scales from small utilities to large utilities organizations and thanks to the modular structure, it can be implemented in stages as needed. Water utilities organizations can now confidently build a completely flexible, scalable and safe system from compatible components as needs and requirements emerge.

Innovesi Smart Solutions is a pioneer of innovative Smart Water technologies in the world, cooperating with Finland’s leading technology and water research organizations and startups.