Water utility – would you like to know in real-time when water in distribution network is turning hazardous to health?

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Innovesi has developed Smart Water Quality solution which detects and indicates automatically microscopic water-borne particles and microbes in water distribution network. This patented solution controls 24/7 the water grid and alerts automatically when unwanted bacteria or similar organisms are detected. Water grid can consist of several integrated detection points depending on the size and shape of the water distribution network. Detection points and amount of detectors can be chosen freely.


Water quality control in distribution network can be automatized with this solution and it can be utilized also as an early warning system to enhance customer safety significantly. This enables to locate water quality anomalies locally before it may change into catastrophic epidemic by showing in real-time the source of contamination. Operators and field maintenance staff get information instantly to mobile phone/tablet with detailed information of time, cause, place, target area etc. This solution helps maintenance people to troubleshoot the distribution networks functions and start the recovery measures to balance the situation to meet the water quality standards. Innovesi SWQ is efficient, fast and affordable solution detecting water security risks in real-time.

Interested in piloting?

Innovesi is now looking for piloting partner from water utility who wants to invests in developing and testing new method in water quality and water use security issues. We prefer company that struggles with these issues in raw water and/or water in distribution network and has an ongoing project on subject. Funding for pilot project is required.


Please send your early contact by email info@innovesi.com and tell us shortly about your challenge, previous attempts to fight it and your future goal/s in this.