Waterworks Have Multiple Dilemmas – Why Not We Start With Solving One

Waterworks Have Multiple Dilemmas – Why Not We Start With Solving One


Helping water utilities to help themselves is Innovesi´s passion & fuel. Water utilities suffer from same issues all over the world.  Most of them are multi stressed with almost all dilemmas involved such as leakage, non-revenue water/not-accounted for water, water quality issues, deteriorating pipelines, inadequate security measures and poor/wrong investment allocation. Modern smart water technology helps water utilities to help themselves to deal with these issues, adopt new operating models and enable helpful alterations in their value chain.

Global means us 7,7 Billion people

Since 2010 Innovesi (www.innovesi.com) and its predecessor team has gathered information globally from water utilities and their existing problems and challenges starting from Finland. Today it really does not matter if you talk with an American water agency representative or British one – very shortly we end up discussing about same issues we have in Finland or in Germany, Australia, Brazil, India and Indonesia. Water utilities have surpassed their performance peak and are no more operating as efficiently and safely as they used to do. Even their own quality and customer support standards are unmet. Climate change has altered their operational environment permanently whether they wanted it or not. This is only one cause but it does not explain today´s “twisted status quo” – but underlines it. Obviously paying customers are surrogate victims of all this and do not get value for their money in most parts of the world.  Some of us are even in immediate danger due water quality issues and modern cyber threats are shadowing water distribution networks by malicious actors.

Passion = know-how, experience and engagement

Innovesi has had contacts from 130+ countries in past few years from all size water companies and other parties in their value chain. Smart Water issues and IoT (Internet of Things) technology interests all but according to our experience water utilities themselves are least attracted ones. This is a significant perception which underlines fact that water utilities are still living in the past and are actually relatively reluctant to do major changes in their day-to-day operations. We also have noticed several water stress hotspots like State of California (USA #1 visitor), cities London, Cape Town, Beijing, Sao Paolo, Paris, Chennai, Mumbai , Shanghai, Moscow, Stuttgart and Rio de Janeiro which shows us imminently that we are dealing with global issues covering  whole countries, large cities as well as rural/developing areas. Technology and cyber security understanding seems to be categorically poor or even non-existing and establishes a definitive weak spot to almost any water utility outside existing pipeline grids and water purification/distribution solutions. This makes slowness in addressing real issues in these companies and represents a risk for their future operations.

Disruption forces you to change

It has been refreshing to take notice that the most innovative early stage solution providers in water sector are solely startups and SME´s like us. Cutting edge technology solution providers in some fields in UK (Syrinix), Israel (TaKaDu), Singapore (Visenti; bought earlier by Xylem) and Switzerland (Gutermann) are our “colleagues” to mention few. It seems that modern, agile and problem solving oriented smarties (small startups) are challenging existing giants such as GE, Schneider Electric, Grundfos, Veolia and Xylem. Being a disruptive challenger makes path a bit rocky and hard to follow but rewarding by continuous attention and shows of traction in market. Innovesi has all it takes to solve many of these issues with new technology but yet have not been able to attract those who have the serious money and “muscles” in sector to allow wide global penetration. This has been Innovesi´s main obstacle so far and therefore giant leap in modernizing water utility environment to 21stCentury globally still waits ahead of us. Disruption forces water utilities change like social media changed information distribution (eg. Twitter, Facebook , Whatsapp etc.). This will eventually happen to water sector too. Why not start now?

Early bird catches the worm

We are encouraged by daily contacts and occasional invitations to various technology evaluation panels but really get fueled by passion of knowing what we do and who for – and why. A reasonable funding would move us to demo/piloting stage with existing customer/piloting environment. We definitely know that we are on right track for few years now. Innovesi is one of leading global innovators in water sector not by mistake but having listened customers to root and solving issues by new methods instead of trying to “bend once again” old and obsolete ones. We have right from the beginning tried to get to know what´s really wrong in our customers – and find solutions for this and fix it. Local domestic problems turned out to be astonishingly global ones. This helped us to realize scale, instant need/traction and huge demand in market which gives us huge shared potential for both of us to benefit from. How does it sound to operate 10x faster with 1/10 of present cost in real-time or see instantly when distributed water gets hazardous in the distribution network?

Now it is our task to reassure some forerunner early stage angel/investor or open-minded corporation from this sector who is determined to disrupt this industry and is willing to get competitive edge by doing so.

Water quality must be monitored 24/7/365

Why don´t we start first with solving water quality detection dilemma in water distribution networks?  IWSS (Innovesi Water Security & Safety) is for that. Stay tuned!


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